Beavers 22 – 16 Redbacks

Thursday the 20th April 2017 

Chilwell 2

A cool dry Thursday evening saw the Beavers bat there way to a victory, with Ruben batting a home run and turning an exciting double play to end the game in the seventh inning. 

The Redbacks fell behind in the opening innings, but put a great batting performance on in the 6th and shut the Beavers out to get behind by one run making it 16-15. The Beavers did not panic and scored 6 runs in the 7th with Redbacks only gaining 1 extra run, and the game being finished by a double play from male MVP Ruben Gee.


Special mention to Michael Hallam for a monster home run into the hedge. Great team play by all, and an exciting, close game. Finish time was 8:15pm.

Umpire: Phil Kielthy
Male MVP: Ruben Gee
Female MVP: Jade Binder