Firstball 2018 Round-Up

Despite the forecast being rain all day, the weather held out with only a few showers and the tournament was another success. Huge thanks to everyone behind the scenes and the umpires that made the day possible. It was a great primer and introduction to the coming 2018 season. All the winners and runners-up were:

Comp Cup
Winners: Dodgers
Runner-Up: Misfits

Plate Winners: Sheriffs
Runner-Up: Cheeky Monkeys

Female: Grace (Cheeky Monkeys)
Male: Jeff (Misfits)

Rec Cup
Winners: Masterbatters
Runner-Up: Maniacs

Plate Winners: Coyotes
Runner-Up: Leicester Royals

Spoon Winners: Brewers
Runner-Up: Tigers

Female: Katie (Rebels)
Male: Tom (Brewers)

Umpires: Luis, Ian, Neal, Colin & Matt