Reserve League Being Launched…

A new reserve team league is being created that will allow teams who enter to give more playing time to their members who, just like the football world, would not get as much playing time in the League.

The Reserve League will start in May and be complete by the end of June. This will be self umpired, but if any new umpires wish to come along and officiate without pressure then they would be welcome.

The rules will be relaxed, with the idea of team captains deciding on any handicaps. For example, more male than female players, or A grade players etc.

The games will be on a Tuesday evening at Chilwell, starting at 6:30pm with the normal game time, but finishing at 8pm at the latest.

Uniform rules will be relaxed but the slaughter rule will be enforced. This is an idea in development, so it will be reviewed as we go along to ensure it meets the aim of increasing game participation for all. If a club/team do not enter, but want to send new players along to join with other teams and gain experience, then that would be encouraged and, as long as they are registered in the League, no problem.

There will also be an open invite from media sources to encourage people new to softball to come along to have a go and get a taste for the sport without the pressures of a league game.

Teams will need to register for the Reserve League by the end of April. The cost is only for the field hire for the night, as the team names remain the same, so no new teams need to be registered or paid for.

Please email for more information or your entry intentions as soon as possible so we can get an idea of the amount of teams thinking of entering.

With good weather and if plenty of teams enter, this will be a great way to get more play time for beginners within the league, as well as a great way to introduce people to the sport in a friendly environment.