Spring League Winners

Congratulations to Pyros for winning the 1st Div and Misfits for securing the Div 2 title and promotion to Div 1. Well done also to Beavers for winning Div 3. They go up to Div 2 and therefore get to play all the teams in the Summer League.

Unfortunately, Brewers are relegated to Div 2, but with the 2 university sides dropping out there is no relegation from Div 2 to Div 3.

This means there are 4 teams in Div 1 and Div 2 and 3 in Div 3. However, I’m sure this will only make that division even more competitive.

Many thanks for your patience in allowing me time to get the fixtures out and this week’s fixtures are listed below, including an immediate clash between the winners of Div 1 and Div 2.

The committee met tonight (21.06.17) to check through the rest of the fixtures to ensure there are no errors, and they will be released by the end of the week at the very latest (subject to no major rework being required).

There are no fixtures this weekend though, due to the number of teams entering Leeds tournament or being otherwise unavailable, so the next games will be Thursday 29th June.

Fixtures Thu 22 June:

Chilwell 1: Rebels (Home) v Tigers – Umpire = Redbacks

Chilwell 2: Beavers (Home) v Leicester Royals – Umpire = Rebels

Bestwood: Pyros (Home) v Misfits – Umpire = Sheriffs

Usual rules apply regarding balls, bases and umpires being the home team’s responsibility to sort out.

Any questions then please get in touch..