The Summer League Starts…

A great game between Maniacs and Misfits on a really hot evening on June 5th at a scorched West Park diamond with the ground actually breaking up in the heat started off the Summer League.

An 8 Run 6th inning looked to have settled it for the Maniacs, leading 22-12 into the 7th. Misfits managed a shut out with their defence, and then started to drag the runs in, including a homer. But in the end it was just too much to do and the Maniacs won it 22-18.

On the June 8th Beavers forfeit both games, so there was only 1 game left on the schedule at Chilwell – Tigers @ Brewers.

Both teams arrived a man short and agreed to just play 4&5 without the auto-out.

Tigers as the away side got off with a scoring inning of 2 runs.

Then it was Brewers turn and in scorching temperatures the Brewers’ bats were just as hot, managing to hit the gaps with the ball cannoning past the Tigers outfield.

Despite valiant efforts the Tigers just couldn’t get the outs until they’d seen the top of the Brewers order for a third time, and the Home team had scored what must be an EMSL record at 21 first inning runs.

Tigers responded with another 2 runs but psychologically there would be no coming back in the almost unbearable heat.

Another 6 runs for Brewers at the bottom of 2 and after just 4 innings the game was called with Brewers leading at 29-7.

MVPs: Tracy Lilburn Sharpe & Carl Sharpe (both Brewers)

Thanks to Gareth Fisher for umpiring.