Misfits 31 – 22 Brewers

The Misfits played host to the Brewers in a May the fourth midweek special and were hoping to use (more of) the force that had seen the Misfits win their first 4 games of the season.

The Brewers led off the the opening inning scoring 4 quick fire runs, but the Misfits replied with 4 runs themselves so it was honours even going into the second inning.

Once again the Brewers showed depth in their line scoring a further 3 runs to go ahead momentarily going into the bottom of the second. The Misfits matched their first innings tally of 4 runs to sneak ahead 8-7 after 2 innings.

In the 3rd the Brewers continued to keep the pressure up, batting through the order to score 7 runs. Somehow, the Misfits managed to stay in the game, including a fabulous 1st HR for Lana Kelly as the team also batted well through the order scoring a whopping 12 runs to move the game into the home teams favour, as scores now read 20-14 .

The Brewers, who are renowned for scoring through innings showed their resilience to stay in the game, and for the first time in the match won the fourth innings 5 runs to 4 but still found themselves 24-19 down as the teams entered into the 5th.

It was at this point the game truly swung one way as the Misfits shut the Brewers out and went on to score 7 and give themselves a cushion 31 -19

With the light fading it was agreed by both captains to go one more innings and asses the situation and after the Brewers scored 3 unanswered runs in the 6th the blue rightly called ball game and the Misfits won their 5 game of the season.

Thank you to the Brewers for a fabulously fought game and  hope Graham Laing recovered with not too much bruising from a line drive straight back onto his thigh.

Also well done to the Game MVPs:
Shane Sharp
Lana Kelly