Notts TV are coming to Bestwood

Notts TV are coming to Bestwood this evening (21st of July) to film the league game between the Beavers and Misfits, and there will also be a second game on the opposite diamond between Sheriffs & Pyros Juniors.
For those teams that are playing it may be a great idea to ask friends and family to come down to support you and they too could be on TV.
Could captains of the other teams not scheduled to play please email their players and ask them to come down. Again if they can also invite friends & family that’d be great.
There will be hot dogs at the ground too, so don’t worry that you’ll miss your tea if you come along, and you have a great chance of being on TV too.
Apologies for the short notice, and also to the 2 teams who have a scheduled game elsewhere (Royals v Rebels) and their umpire.