Sheriffs Win Indoor Gold Playoffs

Sunday saw the top four teams of the 2019/2020 Indoor season battle it out to be crowned Gold Playoff champions.

The day comprised of six round robin games with each team battling to be in the top two places to qualify for a place in the final.

First up was Loughborough University vs Brewers, it was a tight game which proved to set the scene for most of the afternoon with Loughborough edging the game by 6 runs winning 38-32.

The second game saw Sheriffs play the Pyros in which the Sheriffs made their opening statement that they were there to take the crown for the day ending the game with a 54-34 score line.

The third game saw the Sheriffs playing a back to back games, this time against the Brewers, in what turned out to be a very close game ending with only one run in it, with the Sheriffs coming out triumphant with a 40-39 score.

Next up was Pyros vs Loughborough with yet another close game, this time Loughborough bettering their previous games lead by one run ending up 47-40 victors.

Game five saw Loughborough meet the Sheriffs for the first time of the day, this was the second game of the day to be settled by one run with the spoils going to Loughborough in what would turn out to be setting up a grudge match in the final with Loughborough taking the game 42-41.

The last round robin game saw the Brewers play the Pyros which saw the Brewers take the game 42-32.

Away Home
Loughborough 3832 Brewers
Sheriffs 5424 Pyros

The final saw Loughborough and the Sheriffs meet for the second time of the day in which Loughborough had the home team advantage having finished in top spot.  The final turned out to be close low scoring game, after their first at bat the Sheriffs left the diamond with 21 points with 30 runs for and 9 outs against.  Loughborough’s reply saw them take 25 points, taking the lead after the first innings scoring 35 runs with 10 outs against, ending the first innings 25-21 in favour of Loughborough.

The second innings saw both teams step up their games defensively.  The Sheriffs chalked up 21 runs, however had 14 outs against taking their overall score for the game to 28.   This meant that Loughborough only need 4 points to take the game, however a dramatic final at bat for Loughborough saw the Sheriffs stepping up their game and turning the diamond into Fort Knox allowing Loughborough the chalk up only 14 runs and taking 16 outs leaving Loughborough with a -2 score for the final at bat with the Sheriffs coming out victors with a 28-23 score line.

Who will win the Silver Playoff next weekend as Tigers, Rangers and RedRaps meet to battle it out to be victorious.